Step 1: Find the Product on Lepinbrick.som
Search the products you like by brands and theme.

Please note that LEPIN have NO STORE that sell directly to customer ONLINE. Lepin and other alternative block are distributed by Approved Vendors (” Athourized Trusted Vendors“). Other stores that selling Lepin are resellers. All website with “”LEPIN” name are not official and they are just one of the resellers.

Please check our website regularly because list of Authorized Vendors are updated frequently.

Please Read F.A.Qs for more info.

Step 2: Placing Orders & Processcing

Lepin and other alternative block are distributed by Approved Vendors (” Athourized Trusted Vendors“) via Aliexpress.

After the order is placed and paid, the seller will start to pack your order. Often, sellers don’t have items in stock right now, they get them from factories/warehouses and it takes a couple of days for them to ship it to you. There is a time limit called “processing time”, which you can check up in your order details. If sellers fail to send your order in that period, the order will be closed and you’ll get a full refund. In case of ordering “presell” sets (which is not a good idea) sellers will ask you to extend processing time, you can do it in your order. See warnings for additional info.

The order is considered shipped when the seller registers a tracking number for your order in AliExpress’ system (you’ll receive notification email). However, there’s a warning that tracking may take several days to start.

If the tracking hasn’t started in 10 days after shipping, message your seller for information.

Step 3: Delivery

Your order has a maximum delivery time, also called “buyer protection” (protection time). There’s a guaranteed delivery time. If the order is not delivered within the guaranteed delivery time, you can request a refund. However that doesn’t mean that you’ll get your order for free, the seller most likely will turn the parcel back (though you may be lucky) as well as AliExpress dispute team may offer you to wait some more time.


The buyer protection time can be extended, but only the seller can extend it. You can request an extension from the order options (seller can confirm and extend it). Maximum buyer protection time is 120 days total and cannot be extended more (can be different for different countries afaik). Each time seller extends the delivery date, you’ll receive a notification email (by default).

When 5 days of buyer protection will be left, you’ll receive notification email, then it will be repeated when 3 and 1 days will be left. If your parcel is still on the way, you can request delivery date extension via button in order options.

 You can track your orders here: – that’s the tracking service Aliexpress uses – another service that can read different delivery companies’ tracking info.

Or use the website that the seller points out in your order information.

Step 4: Unpacking, Warranty,Customer Protection

In case of missing parts or whole packets, you can open a dispute. Missing part in a sealed bag is the factory’s fault. Missing bag in a parcel – probably the seller’s fault.
However, you should try to resolve the situation with your seller first before opening a dispute. Message your seller and ask what is possible to do, if they can send you missing parts, etc. But all refunds are always made via dispute, do not accept paypal refunds if you’ve bought it via AliExpress. Couple of years ago sellers used PayPal refund fraud: they paid you for “Goods are Services”, then waited when you close dispute on AliExpress and did refund on their PayPal payment, because they did not receive any goods or services from you. You couldn’t start another dispute on AliExpress and seller saved their money.
Aliexpress is one of the safest place you can order online. Feel free to raise any issues the with them if you have any problems.

Step 5: Enjoy!