Does LEPIN Sell Product Directly To Customer Online?

  • NO. LEPIN have NO STORE that sell directly to customer ONLINE. Lepin and other alternative block are distributed by Approved Vendors (” Athourized Trusted Vendors“). Other stores that selling Lepin are resellers.

How LEPIN Products and Other Block are Produced and Distributed?

  • We sell Lepin Brand and other Alternative Brand Via Networks of Authorized Vendors. We have a networks of Factories accross China and Malaysia that produce different Brands that partnered together. In summary, This is Partnership among Network of Brands, Factories and Authorized Vendors.

How We Selected Authorized Vendors ?

  • We select Authorized Vendors base on ​many factors: Customer Support Quality, Stock Management Capacity, Capital Invested. We monitor our Vendors every weeks to qualify them or disqualify them. Benefits of Authorized Vendors: Better Pricing from Factories, Faster Shipping of New Models, Reseller rights to other Resellers (B2B).
  • Please check our website regularly because list of Authorized Vendors are updated frequently.

What Is The Difference Between Authorized Vendors and Other Sellers?

  1. Better Pricing (sourced product directly from the factories).
  2. Higher In-stock rate.
  3. Better Customer Support.
  4. More reliable Shipping and Better Refund Policy.
  5. Most of our Authorized Vendors are selling via Aliexpress. Your can read more about Aliexpress buying guide here.Its is OK to shop from other seller that not on Authorized List, but they might have higher prices due to the fact that they are not buying from us directly.

How this Website Help You and Why We Created This Website?

  1. The is a lot confusion about Alernative Brick World right now. We decided to create this website to navigate buyers to the best source of our distributors’ networks.
  2. All website with “”LEPIN” name are not official and they are just one of the resellers. Their pricing (included shipping) as we checked are very high compared to our Authorized Vendors. We dont want customer to have bad impression to our Brands.
  3. Everyone have a right to be creative, we are not allowing MONOPOLIES like L.G to steal our Future, Dream, Creativities and Imagination by their very expensive anbd price gouging sets. In fact, L.G. itself originated by copying other Brand, they are now actively sueing everyone else.

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